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NameDrop is a name pronunciation service.

At NameDrop, we believe that no one should have to hear a broken version of their name. So we made it easy for you to share your name with the world, in your own voice.

Simply record your name as it's meant to be said and get your personal name recording link.

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Upcoming features... #iterating

Below are some of the new features we will be rolling out in the next few months:

  • Profile Pics

  • Quick Links

  • Personal Pronouns

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Here are some of our users' signatures today...


Shruti M. Krishnan


Umang Dave


Oana Neumayer

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Our users are getting great feedback from colleagues, clients, even friends who love skipping the embarrasing moment of saying your name incorrectly :)

Here's how to use your personal name recording link

Email Signature

Some users get 100+ visits to their NameDrop page with the personal link in their email signatures.

Check out these videos or slides for how to set it up: Videos or Slides

Social Profiles

Pop your NameDrop link into the Links section of Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

We are working hard to make it even easier to plugin into your favorite social profiles.

Personal Site / Blog

Integrate into your personal website. Check under the profile picture on this site: Personal Page Demo

Send us an email if you are interested in this -

Basically, anywhere you put your contact information, you can put your NameDrop link.

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